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Commercial, Residential, Automotive Window Tinting





  • *A window tint blocks 97% to 99% of harmful Ultraviolet (UV) Rays

  • *When the Sun is beating down during the summer, it blocks and reflects up to 78% of the heat - reduced costs for air conditioning.

  • *Depending on the film, they can blocks up to 77% of the glare caused by bright light

  • *Certain films can enhance privacy by allowing you to look out but others are prevented from looking in

  • *Reduced fading of vehicle interior and domestic and household items caused by direct sunlight.

  • *Reduced heat loss in winter

  • *Removes the need to purchase expensive blinds - that are difficult to keep clean - and need to be changed to match other furnishings.

  • *The 'look' lasts for years and can enhance the resale value of vehicles.

  • *Holds glass together in the event of a breakage such as an accident or break-in. Some films even hold the glass in one piece in the frame.

  • *Prevents scratches to the glass by providing a barrier (its cheaper to replace a scratched film than a pane of glass!)




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